McAfee software has several features like protection against viruses and malware, permanently delete the damaged data, protection for many devices, etc. This antivirus finds new viruses and malware on the users' system that enter while surfing untrustworthy websites or using email. It will indicate the users about unknown and viruses infected sites and stop the users from downloading any content from those sites to their system and also halt the users from attaching malware documents. In case you are a new user of McAfee antivirus and do not know how to download, install and activate it, then go to and sign up.

How to find 25-digit Mcafee Activation Code?

To find out 25-digit Mcafee Activation code before visiting If your Mcafee product is a retail version, Look for 25-digit activation key on your purchased retail card. Or if you bought online, you receive it in your email that you used at purchasing time.

Steps for downloading McAfee Antivirus

In case you are worry about the safety of your data then download McAfee antivirus by following the given steps:

1. Open the site
2. This site will display 25-digit alphanumeric product code on the startup page.
3. Click the “My Account” button and type the Sign in email address and password there.
4. Select any system where the users like to download the McAfee Activate.
5. Choose the product of McAfee, and the users had purchased through online method.
6. After that, tap “Downloads” button.

Steps for installing McAfee Antivirus

Once the installation process gets completed, go through the installing steps listed below:

1. Open the documents from the “Start” button, type the documents on the search bar and after opening that option the user will get the downloads folder.
2. Double-click on the downloaded file of McAfee for the installation step.
3. Read the policy of installing McAfee provided on the startup page.
4. Press the “Agree” button to move forward to another step.
5. Let the process of installing the McAfee Activate on the device gets completed.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus software?

1. Visit the official website
2. Log in or click “Register now” if you are a new user.
3. Find the product you purchased from McAfee.
4. Download by clicking the download button.
5. Read the license agreement and click the Agreement to proceed.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the download process.